Feeding your Puppy

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A puppy just like a baby is at the stage of accelerated growth. It is the time in which they are experiencing a growth spurt in their organs and bones. Feeding your dog and when are the most important points in caring for your puppy’s nutrition.

Most dogs may need up to five to six feeds a day up until age six months of age. However, always check with your vet or dog nutritionist because depending on the type of the dog their nutritional needs may vary.

During the first six months focus on the proper whole foods for your puppy or the right dog food. Treats really should be avoided during the first six months.

Always check with your dog nutritionist or vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Whole Foods to Feed or Not to Feed your Dog!

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It may seem harmless to share all foods with your dog, but keep in mind that their body system is similar to a baby. Just like babies dogs are much more sensitive to certain foods. Many of the foods we eat are toxic to dogs

Green beans

Candy/ gum
Grapes/ raisins
Macadamia nuts
Seeds (including those from fruits)
Raw eggs, fish and poultry

If your dog eats anything that you are not sure, please call your local Animal Poison Control Center to be safe!

Raw Food Diet or Not?

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Many dog owners are trying out the new fad diet for their pooches – the Raw Food diet consisting of raw meat(bone-in),muscle , organs of animals like chicken or cow. This can also include fruits and vegetables. Controversy has been stirring as to whether this diet is good for our dogs or does it have possible health concerns. Ideally, this was the type of diet that dogs before domestication ate; food in wholesome, fresh, natural form. Nowadays, the same nutrient are packed into dry kibble.

People in favour of giving their dogs this diet claims positive results such as healthier coats (shiny and full), more energy, smaller stools and cleaner teeth.

Some cons to this diet, is that while it does have benefits it does come at a higher cost. There are also concerns of bacteria transferred from dog to human ( i.e by licking owner or counters).

To try this diet and do so in a sustainable way, places like The Honest Butcher (Broadway and Trutch), features local and grown ethically meat products perfect for your dog.